Uniquely Predestined


Chosen Before Time


“In him we have obtained an inheritance

(a destiny- we were claimed by God as his own),

having been predestined

(chosen in advance, appointed before time)

according to the purpose of him who works all things

(everything in heaven and on earth)

according to the council of his will

(his divine plan and design).

Ephesians 1:10-11

He chose us in advance since before the beginning of time for his divine plan and design. Our human purpose is to be an instrument for his design, which is to unite all things in heaven and on earth within him.

Everyday we touch upon heaven and earth at the same time. We know that heaven touches upon earth as we experience all the beauty and magic of life; cherishing loved ones, radiant sunsets and all of creations beauty, a child’s laughter, expression of art, locally grown foods and so much more. Life on earth can be rich and full of blessings. Still, we know that heaven does not reign on earth ~yet~ because earth is also full of war, suffering and broken people with sinful intentions and actions.

God deeply desires to work in and through us to bring heaven’s reign on earth. This means eternal love, joy, peace and equality amongst ALL beings!

Every intricate detail of your character, and all that you love and are passionate about was created for the design and purpose of God himself < Take a moment to meditate on this sentence.

You were created and chosen before time for his will.

Before the stars and the moon were created, you were chosen.


Our entire being was created to:

  • Be in relationship with him. (a deeply intimate relationship)
  • Glorify him. (live out his glory brighter then the rising sun)
  • Praise him. (sing, dance, worship, be full of thankfulness towards him)
  • Work alongside him. (leading a life that unites everything within him, in heaven & on earth)
  • Share his love. (radiating his love in every direction)

Intricately Created

We all have this similar purpose, but we carry out this purpose differently through our personal destiny. Since before the beginning of time God created us uniquely from one child to another. When he was forming us in our mother’s womb, he tended to us with specific care and intention in our design, along with the timing at which he was birthing us into this world. He carefully and beautifully knit together our soul like a an exquisite piece of art. What a caring, detail orientated God. “But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered ( he created and knows every inch of your design).” Matthew 10:30. If you think about it, he could have easily created each of his children similarly. So why didn’t he?

He created each of us uniquely out of his own image. This means that every child has been created from the diverse and unique character of God. Meditating on this in more depth, if you think about all of the diverse personalities and characters of human beings you can truly get lost in counting the amount of differences between one person to the next. Although there are many similarities amongst one another, you will find that there are more traits in each individual that set them apart. If you have children or work with children, you notice certain tendencies they have from a very early age. Some are shy and hidden, others are natural born leaders and love the spotlight. He created each of us specifically and uniquely.

“I will give thanks and praise to you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

Wonderful are your works, my soul knows it very well.

My frame was not hidden from you,

When I was being formed in secret,

And intricately and skillfully formed ( as if embroidered with many colors)

in the depths of the earth.

Your eyes have seen my unformed substance;

And in your book were all written

The days that were appointed for me,

When as yet there was not one of them” Psalm 139: 14-16



If we were all truly created in the image of God, then God’s truest self and image must be the most diverse, most beautiful and spectacular being we could ever set our eyes upon to witness! I personally visualize every color of the rainbow, every precious gem, every mountain, valley, ocean and desert radiating all within and around him. He is all things, all beings in one mighty, wonderful God! This means that he not only created us uniquely from himself, but that he can also understand and have compassion with each one of us because we came from him. Even more powerfully,  as believers we are daily being woven and shaped into the image of his son Jesus. Our earthly self dies off, while our renewed spiritual self springs fourth!

“For those he foreknew (loved and chosen beforehand), He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, so that He would be the firstborn among many believers.” Romans 8:29


We Are His Workmanship

If God truly is so wonderful and diverse in every way, then why doesn’t he simply follow through with his plan and purpose for all of time on his own? Why does he desire to partner with us instead? For his word says that he chose us in advance for his purposes.

He chose to intricately create a destiny for us that will fulfill our souls AND fulfill his plan to unite ALL things in heaven and on earth within him. He has chosen to set us apart, and to partner with him in his great plans to restore the glory of heaven on earth!

“For we are his workmanship (his own master work, a work of art)

created in Christ Jesus (reborn from above- spiritually transformed, renewed, ready to be used)

for good works which God prepared (for us) beforehand (taking paths which he set),

so that we would walk in them (living the good life which he prearranged and made ready for us.”

Ephesians 2:10

He chose us because he LOVES working through us to accomplish his plans while simultaneously fulfilling our hearts with passion, purpose and joy! As he works through us as instruments, we learn to surrender to his guidance and calling for our lives. Surrendering our entire selves over to God can be difficult, but is it his greatest hearts desire. The reward of surrender is the hidden treasure we are all searching for. Letting go of control of our own lives is key. Trusting our past, present and future into his hands is the beginning of surrender.


Love is The Purpose

It is here in our surrender and obedience (steps of faith in action toward our destiny) that he is able to guide us deeper into his presence until we fall deeply in love with him.

This is why God chooses to partner with us. If he chose to carry out his plans alone, then how and when would we engage in an intimate relationship with him? How would we fall in love with him? As we seek our God given destiny we soon realize that we cannot accomplish life alone, instead we realize that we need him. Our need for him turns into a desire to know him, rest in him, praise him and finally fall in love with him. Everything he does for us and with us is to bond us closer to his heart.

From this place his love changes us from the inside out. His love in us and for us inspires all those around us to his heart. By living in our God given destiny we naturally shine and share his love to everyone we know.

Life is richer in his love!

Life is richer when we obey, and live in the life God has called us to!





You are intricately and extraordinarily created by God for a divine purpose that he predestined for you since before the beginning of time. There is no one else created like you, or created to do the things that only YOU can accomplish.

Seek his heart. Ask him to reveal your destiny to you. Ask him to reveal the beauty and uniqueness of your design to you.

Don’t be afraid of what lies ahead, simply trust in him today. He will guide you one day at a time. Remember, he is the one who created you. He knows your thoughts, feelings and experiences more deeply then any one being on this earth. Trust that he knows how to guide you best. You are in his good and faithful hands. He will never make a promise to you he cannot keep. He is excited to walk hand and hand with you on your destined path.


With Love,

Franki DeSaro


Reflection & Study

Questions for personal prayer & meditation:

  • Am I on God’s destined path for my life?
  • Do I believe that God has a unique destiny for my life? What is holding me back from following after my destiny?
  • What are my greatest passions? What are the things I love to do most?

Action steps:

Pray & fast: The Lent season begins this week, March 6th. This is a powerful time to set aside your desires and seek God. Ask him to reveal your destiny to you during this time. As him to speak to you in prayer, through visions, journaling, music etc. However he desires to speak to you, be attune and ready to listen. He loves you and is ready to reveal to you the mystery of his will!

Prayer: Practice surrender by asking him to let his will to be done in all areas of your life. Ask him to reveal to you where you are not allowing his will to be done through disobedience to his call. Dig deeper to learn where the root of your disobedience is coming from; fear, doubt, pride etc.

Scripture of meditation: Ephesians 1: 9-11 “Making known to us the mystery of his will, according to his purpose, which he set forth in Christ, as a plan for the fullness of time, to unite all things in him, things in heaven and things on earth. In him we have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined (chosen in advance, appointed before time) according to the purpose of him who works all things (everything in heaven and on earth) according to the council of his will (his divine plan).”

Further reading: Ephesians, chapter 1-4



Becoming A Woman



Becoming a woman, what a journey. I think I have always been here, inside, the woman God created me to be. A small seed that has been watered and loved. The sun has come down upon this seed, helping it to sprout and grow even through some of the most difficult times. This seed within myself, and within every young girl will at some point grow beyond the point of simply sprouting. This seed will expand leaves, flowers and fruits of all kind and she will become a sheltering tree for many. An oasis of beauty and love for those closest to her. Within a little girl rest a seed, over the years she sprouts and in the Lords timing she expresses outward in every direction. Lately, I feel the entanglement of vines and flowers sprouting all around me, extending outward to the hearts of those closest to me and beyond. My womanhood is closer then it ever has been before. Although my tree is young, my heart has much to learn, oh boy does my heart have much wisdom to gain; yet my tree is firm, strong, loving and true. I am beginning to recognize this time of becoming a woman as sacred. The closer my heart intertwines to Gods, the more reverently I become like him, like my truest self. The closer my heart intertwines with him, the more selfless my heart, mind and hands become towards others. As my focus rest less on myself, and more upon the nurturing of others around me, the more I feel my inner tree of womanhood flourish and expand.

I’m sure of it, that the journey of becoming a woman is unique to each woman. Honorable and understandable that is, but this is my journey, and I believe there is a possibility that I may walk a similar journey as another woman who comes upon reading this. Maybe our hearts will connect somewhere along the paths of our lives.



Becoming a woman has felt a little something like this:

A deep desire to be seen and known, not for who others see me as, or may think of me as, but to be sought after in the depths of my soul. To be known deep down beyond the worlds outer perspective of me. To be sought after, pursued and adored for the woman within me. And very similarly, I desire to see the same in those closest to me. I want to know them the way God knows and sees them, for their beating hearts and kind souls. Its safe to say that as a woman, bursting fourth, I desire to be pursued by a man, a great love that seeks and desires to know the deeper spaces within my heart. The layers of me. A courageous man sees a woman not with his eyes, but with his heart. She is like a well of fresh spring water, he can only taste of her sweetness if he is willing to go to the depths of her. I am quite sure every woman holds a special desire here.
Birthing life. For me, becoming closer to womanhood has been holding a deep desire for creating and birthing life. Not all woman have a desire to give life to children, and many rather have desires to give life to dreams of many kinds (in which I also am apart of and passionate about). Often, I find myself memorized over pregnant women, or mothers with their young children. Something changes in a woman when she becomes a mother or is on journey to soon becoming a mother. A nurturing instinct turns on within her, it is fiery, like a loving, gentle, compassionate lioness. Although only 25 years old, I often find myself feeling envious of them, and imagining myself in their season of life. I know someday I will also be there, mothering my own children with love and compassion. Creating a family of my own has been heavy on my heart more than ever before, and I am becoming at peace with it because I know the Lord has willed it in his own divine timing. This deep well of desire within a woman is mysterious, the growth of emotions, the strength of these emotions for me tell me that my tree is ever expanding in new and beautiful ways.
Birthing dreams in my area of destiny. ~ Creating~ new life doesn’t always have to mean an actual human life, but the process of creating or giving life to something that was not there before. Giving life to dreams, visions, callings (especially ones that seem impossible) is an invigorating adventure. Taking mighty leaps of faith in the direction of Gods dreams for me have supported me on my transition into womanhood in many ways in the past few months. Similar to creating a piece of pottery on the potter’s wheel, clay in-between my fingers, using every level of muscle and every moment of focus within my mind as I set my eyes and heart upon the vessel being created in front of me. Oh it feels SO GOOD. My dreams are so mighty, and my faith in God has only grown stronger through the journey of chasing after my dreams. Leading a ministry has felt so heart opening, watching those around me experience the miracles of Jesus in ways they never have before…and becoming full of hope and joy because of him. As He glorifies himself through me, as his instrument I feel the woman within me expanding outwardly. She is a servant leader, a giving hand, a wise loving heart. The more I lead in his ministry work, the more I become this woman…this woman I have always prayed to become. A proverbs 31 woman.




Far from perfect, happily imperfect. As time passes, the easier it becomes for me to accept and release control of having to be a ‘certain way’. Letting go feels good, caring less about what others think about me feels wonderful. Being vulnerable, and totally raw- being who I am, feels freeing. I am far from perfect, very imperfect in every beautiful way. I am clumsy, and trip over my words most of the time; and other days my words can be smooth, charming and sweet. I am often nervous, shy and keep my thoughts and feelings to myself, then suddenly I am confident, loud, and wild. I am weird, way weirder then you could try to imagine-a girl who laughs at herself, by herself all the time just because I find myself so damn funny. I grew up feeling like no one truly understood me, besides myself, and Jesus. I have always felt different then those around me, and I still do but I believe I have learned to simply accept this. I have learned to embrace simply being me. Becoming a woman for me, and many women, means letting go. Absolutely letting go and loving the woman God created you to be. However ridiculous, wonderful, hysterical, sensitive, wild and loving she is.
Trusting my intuition. Ever since I was a little girl, I could feel people’s emotions. I would hear them say one thing, but I could feel what they were truly saying from the depths of their hearts. As I get older, my intuition has only strengthened. For years I swept my strong feelings of intuition under the carpet, and that only got me in all kinds of trouble. More presently, I listen quite deeply to these inner callings, and I act upon them in faith. My intuitive feelings are always directly on point, they do not lie. The older I become, the more I trust these feelings as absolute truth, and as a woman this is often difficult. If my intuitive inclinations are truthful, then what people are saying or how they are acting outside of my inclinations are usually not truthful. I have the gift of seeing others as a book, I can read into their chapters and the underlying meanings of their words. Sprouting into womanhood for me, and for many women reading this also means that you may be learning to put trust in your intuition as well. The quiet spirit within you won’t lead you astray.


Woman are so intricate; every woman’s journey is unique to the other. Now that I have shared some of my personal heartstrings through words, I would like to add a word of purpose and encouragement. Over my years, although they have yet to be short, I have experienced some of the greatest spiritual life lessons. Becoming a woman has such a diverse meaning for every woman, but in this one thing we are all unified…in Gods own heart. Becoming a woman means this, to Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all of your soul and all of your strength. It means seeking to be in his presence morning, day and night, meditating on the words of his holy scriptures in the bible. Studying his word, drinking his word like an overflowing fountain, maintain a thirst for him. Prayer, holding daily space for prayer with God. Becoming a woman, when walking intimately with God is an organic journey- the closer we come to him, the more we become like him, and the more he shapes us into the women we were created to be since before the beginning of time. The greatest gift we could ever seek, experience, and share as women is the unconditional love of the Father, his beloved Son, and the Holy Spirit. Unity of the Trinity within our hearts, as women we hold a fire for his love. An eternal flame, a starry night sky, a summers sunset. We are his beloved, let us embrace who we are as we walk with him hand in hand exploring this adventure of life and destiny he has set before us.




With Gratitude,

Franki ❤

A Women’s Retreat~ Hearts Transformed


Imagine if every community created a safe space for all beings to come and restore? Today, The Life Christian Church was a safe space of renewal for over 40 women. True renewal, soul renewal. A handful of amazing volunteers came together for the past few months to plan a women’s retreat day at TLCC for women going through a difficult life journey, and today we all came together to be the hands and feet of Jesus for these amazing women! Together we painted, prayed, created and enjoyed time of relaxation and music together. It was a beautiful and fun day, but my heart feels full of a divine message that I need to share with the world this evening.

I met the most beautiful women today, full of God’s love. These women opened up to us and shared their most intimate stories with us. They cried, surrendered and together we held a heart connection. I could feel their hearts shattering before me, and yet at the same time miraculously healing through the heartbreak. Today my church created a safe space for women to be themselves, to open their hearts in the most vulnerable and painful places- and to still let us hold their hands, pray for them, and guide them on their journey. When I look into the eyes of these woman who have suffered I see exhaustion, but I also see hope. I see a life let down, lived in darkness but I also see a bright shining light. I see weakness but I also see strength beyond my own.

Above all else, when I look into the eyes of these women I see God’s reverent love for them shining back to me.

The moment I hold most sacred in my heart from today was holding the hands of a woman who is living in a shelter after having lived a very very long time in prison. As her heart opened she began to share more of her journey with me and why she was imprisoned for so long. As we continued to hold hands, I could feels God’s love for her right there in that moment. From a worldview perspective, her story should have made me feel judgement- even fear towards her, but from a heavenly perspective I could not help but see the beauty and strength of her soul standing there before me. She was so wonderful, so amazing in God’s eyes I kept repeating to her “you have a beautiful strong soul”. Often God gives us the eyes and heart to see what he sees, and what he feels towards his children.

No matter what a woman has been through, Jesus can heal it.

Today I watched his cleansing presence of love move through her, and heal her from pretty heavy and painful wounds from the past. As we stood there together holding hands and asking God to help her ‘let go’ of her past burdens, a song began to echo through the speakers around us singing ‘let it go, let it go, let it go.’ I began to sing over her, surrender, let it go, God is healing you. And in a moment of time on earth two women asked God to do only what he could do… heal, transform & renew her spirit. So He did.

Soul renewal is THE center of all healing, and Jesus heals souls. The deepest part of us, our deepest fears and joys, our darkness and light, our hate and love. Somewhere in the mix of our imperfect humanness Jesus restores and heals in a moment. He unwinds the pain within our soul that has built up over decades, in the snap of a moment, a prayer. Jesus loves the broken (which is all of us), because he loves r-creating us into something more beautiful through his spirit. We are soft clay in the potters hand, and I just love when he continues to shape me into his masterpiece.

Todays Insight:

No matter where you have been, or what you have done, you don’t need to let those things or circumstances define who you are. Who you are is LOVED, no matter what. 1 woman reminded me of this today, as well as the many women we served during today’s retreat. Some may look at these women and say they are not worthy or that they have made poor moral choices; but we looked at them the way God sees them, which is loved. And just like that they felt accepted. One young woman came on stage with her racing nervous heart to sing a powerful song for us, another shared her testimony about her recovery journey through an amazing rap with lyrics she had written today about her souls healing through Jesus. We loved them for who they were, not who they should be. I love the imperfect ladies out there trying to make it through, aren’t we all one of them?

You have a beautiful & strong soul, ready for miraculous healing~ are you ready to receive?












In Loving Remembrance of Kimberly


The sacred journey of my sweet friendship with Kimberly Pinhas has grown beyond the span of time and space. Although she is no longer here with us in body, her spirit is an angel surrounding us. I am thankful for the time on earth we shared together. Below is a remembrance of Kimmy, who she was,  some of our memories shared together, and how she transformed my heart from the inside out. Please comment below, and share a heart warming memory you had with Kimmy and how special of a person she was to you here on earth..


Our Friendship + Memories:

Kimmy and I have known each-other since birth, our families were very close friends and my earliest memories have Kimberly in them. We experienced our individual journey’s together, from pre-k, elementary school, the fun middle school years and so on. We shared so many amazing adventures together, one of my favorite always being the summer in middle school when we escaped to Long Beach Island, New Jersey with her mom Merrie and spent the week eating Lobster, building sand castles on the beach, accidently getting horrible sun burns(and laughing hysterically about it by calling one another red lobsters and french fries) shopping a whole lot, and jamming out to the new Black Eyed Peas album. Or our infamous sleepovers, where we stepped into girl world and never wanted to leave. Dressing up in every piece of random clothing she had in the closet, make-overs, mask, foot scrubs, pizza, ordering food, watching chic-flicks and falling asleep to nickelodeon at night- which was always the fresh prince of bel-air. Dance parties, shopping, collaging and just hanging out- I always felt accepted by Kimmy. She was always a genuine and fun friend! Her parents loved me like a daughter, I always felt accepted in their home. Ocean rides to NYC on her uncles boat, talking parrots, chicken cutlets on the water in the city, sea sickness, and more sea sickness… stories to treasure always.

I remember when we were obsessed with Mary Kate & Ashley movies! In one of their movies, we saw them make reaaallly yummy looking scrambled eggs by shaking up different funky ingredients in a ziploc bag. We sent out on a mission to create ziploc scrambled eggs for her Dad, and to our surprise he actually enjoyed them! We devoured boxes of matzo crackers with butter from their kitchen pantry, and if it wasn’t for the Pinhas family I would have never known the goodness of matzo ball soup. Kimmy was my only Jewish friend, and I loved being apart of their traditions. Similarly Kimberly LOVED my big Italian family, including my Dad’s Italian cooking. Naturally, my Dad was always creating an abundance of delicious food. Homemade sauce and meatballs with pasta on Sundays, chicken cachitorre, stuffed peppers, sausage with peppers, potatoes and onions with fresh semolina bread (always an endless amount of semolina bread) and many more soul-nourishing meals. Kimmy would always come over for dinner, and for a very petite girl, would eat enough food for 1 very large man! Yet again, I think we all did ( : She was always welcome in our home. Maybe after dinner, we would cozy up with a good movie, feeling completely satisfied from an evening of great food and loving family. A lot of laughter and love. An evening surrounded by a home cooked meal with family are my favorite memories with Kimmy.

Over the years, Kimberly and I spent less time together then we did when we were younger, but whenever she was invited over for dinner in our home, she was there in a heartbeat. Our love for one another never faded, sisterly love is family love and Kimberly was family to us. Around high school both of us started walking down a dark path, hanging out with the wrong friends. By junior year I had a magnificent spiritual transformation that guided me back on the right path, but Kimberly stayed steady on the wrong path, with the wrong friends. Still, the love between us was powerfully present.

Over time as my faith and spiritual journey became stronger, I felt called to be a beacon of light and love in Kimberly’s life. I knew I was destined to be there for her when she needed me most. We always connected together when I visited home from college, and often would exchange long-distance phone calls talking for long periods of time about life, and walking with God. I remember sitting on a bench outdoors in Savannah, GA one day, praying and reading Shakespeare…feeling completely at peace. In that moment Kimberly called me- sharing with me her desire to give up. She was hopeless, depressed, and struggling with an addiction. I was afraid for her, we prayed and prayed together over the phone. I couldn’t get to her, and prayed and prayed and prayed! For weeks, months, and years I prayed and prayed for Kimberly. For healing, redemption, for well-being. Whenever I came home from school, her and I would get together. I could see in her eyes, her voice, in her body that she was using drugs. She was losing herself and it was heart breaking to watch. I went back to Savannah to finish out school, I prayed and prayed and prayed. I just felt like there was nothing I could do, she was in and out of Rehab and different housing facilities


Kimberly’s Spiritual Transformation:

Half a year after SCAD graduation, I was called to move back home to New Jersey with my family where I grew up. It was during this very difficult season within my life that God called me to devote my time in jersey to uplift and encourage Kimberly beyond her addiction and suffering. I sought hard after Kimmy with all of my heart, to serve her and be the best friend I could possibly be to her. In the beginning, for a very long time it was difficult to spend time with someone struggling through an addiction. But every once in a while I would see glimpses of light!

Those glimpses turned into opportunity. Kimberly was so open to receiving calming herbal teas, essential oils, nourishing meals that we cooked together, she even fell in love with juicing! She was open to prayer, to growth, to strength. She listened to the words of truth and encouragement that I poured into her, and thanked me for being her sister and friend. We often held hands and prayed together, it was so wonderful to be an angel on her journey! I would always send my encouraging messages and scriptures, then one day months later I remember receiving a scripture of encouragement from her to me!  I was amazed. By the grace of God I began to see light in Kimberly’s eyes again. She began coming with me to my church and truly loved being there! She loved the music, people, and inspiring messages. At my church- The Life Christian Church in West Orange, she connected with a man named Charles Valentine who had recovered through a 30 year heroine addiction. Charles is now the co-founder of The Valentine foundation; his foundation has created 5 beautiful, cozy sober living homes for men and women in NJ, what a profound story of redemption! Charles and Kimberly were able to spend some time together, and she shared with me how much she really liked him and felt encouraged by his words. I truly loved watching her spiritual journey take seed. My family and I enjoyed having her over after church for a homemade Italian meal with family and rest. She was always my dinner table sister.

kim with dog

Overtime, especially in the last year and last few months, Kimmy was coming back home to herself. There was warmth in her cheeks, her eyes. Her hair was healthy, she lost a crazy amount of weight. She was volunteering with dogs at the SPCA, and would talk about how much she loved the animals there. I genuinely enjoyed our time together. She was clean, and so proud of her inner strength. She was so proud of the person she was becoming, and I was at ease knowing that just like Charles- she would one day share her story of redemption, and recovery.


Kimberly’s Wings:

The last time Kimberly and I were together we were sitting in my room, just hanging out and catching up. She told me about a religious trip to Israel in 2018 that she really really hoped to be apart of. I was ESTATIC for her! I knew what this would mean for her emotional and spiritual growth. I told her she HAD to go no matter what. After a little bit of talking her into it, she looked into my eyes and knew that if she wanted to get better, she had to begin taking chances and living her life to the fullest! She asked all about my dreams and endeavors, I shared with her that I was creating a retreat center in NJ for women and children. We both got excited because I told her that if she could stay 100% clean from everything, she could stay and work there in our beautiful oasis! She told me should would take care of the animal rescues on the property, and learn how to cook from the garden! We both got super excited about the possibility of a better, more beautiful preferred future for her! I couldn’t wait to see what God had planned for her life.

When I learned of her passing I was shocked. For a few weeks before her passing we couldn’t get together, I was too ‘busy’ or she fell through. I honestly had no idea she was using again. The moment I found out my legs became weak. It wasn’t real. All in a matter of a few seconds I felt like every prayer, every ounce of service, word of encouragement, meal shared together, hug, moment of laughter and peace was purposeless and did nothing. I felt as if I failed to give her the opportunity to live a long…happy life. What just happened? Why? My heart was broken, I couldn’t understand. I think a part of heart shattered.

Even though I could not understand why she had to leave, God understood and he gave me the wisdom and peace in my heart that I needed to guide me through the passing of her physical body. After days of long prayer, journaling and tears in bed, I was given profound peace that her spirit was at peace in Heaven. Strangely enough, I knew that Kimberly had lived out her time on earth~ her purpose, and I knew that she was now at rest in our Father’s arms. Today, I can easily feel her spirit with me. She is literally in eternal sunshine!! During Kimberly’s Shiva service, I went into her bedroom to look for a book that I had lent to her a few months back. While searching for the book, I found all of the letters I wrote to her in the last few years, beautifully saved in a box. Gosh I cried so hard, I couldn’t believe that she had kept all of them.  I took them home with me, I will always keep them sacred. Through finding these letters, God revealed to me that not an ounce of my time and love with her was ever wasted or purposeless. Our years together were brighter and more enjoyable because of our friendship, and my ability to see the best within her.

I could have decided not to fight for her, not to pray for her, not to accept her and love her for who she was. But I did fight with her and pray for her with all of my might. Every moment of the fight was revealed in her life through healing, laughter, love and inner peace. Yes, Kimberly overdosed, yes, in the end of her physical journey she was not strong enough. But I hope whoever reads this knows that Kimberly’s soul was the strongest I had ever seen, and her soul still continues to guide amongst the winds of each day. If Kim were here right now, she would want you to know how strong, perseverant, and courageous she truly was. She would ask you to not let her overdose define her, but to see her through the eyes of God.


Wisdom Through Grief:

Through this journey I understood that Kimberly lived out her time here on earth. Although I had hoped for her life to be long, fulfilling and beautiful, God knew what was written in the story of her life. Now, I understand that my purpose in Kimberly’s life was not to add years to her life, but to add life to her lasting years. And similarly she added an abundance of life to my heart and many years to come. Today, when I spend time serving other young women struggling through an addiction, I see Kimberly and feel her warmth guiding me. Kim has been sending me young women her age with addictions so I can move on and be their guardian angel too. Kimmy is my angel in heaven watching over those on earth who had the same struggles she did.


Kimmy, You Were a Gift:

Her presence within my life, and especially in the last few years of her life hold such beauty within my heart. She taught me so much about strength, acceptance, forgiveness, kindness, perseverance and above all else love. Kimmy was the most non-judgmental person I have ever known, she loved and accepted every human being. Even though Kimberly was struggling through a severe addiction and mental illness herself, she always gave a helping hand to those walking a similar path. She always tried, she never gave up. She was the strongest person I know. Beyond all of these stories, and words there are no words that could be put together to describe the heart of gold within Kimberly Pinhas. Extremely intelligent, funny, authentic, a Jewish girl with a love for Italian food and family. A loyal, devoted friend. An amazing friend. A one of a kind friend, irreplaceable. This was Kimberly. You see, I never saw Kimberly as broken. I saw her heart, her depths. They were true and good in her deepest essence. My friend, my sister Kimberly was a unique soul on earth, a dear love to my heart. You will forever be missed, our memories will forever be cherished. Your spirit will forever be with us. I love you Kim. Thank you for being a gift on earth for all of us who knew you and loved you.



P.S. If you have someone in your life struggling through an addiction, accept them, have compassion on them, love them unconditionally…and never give up fighting for them. You are their Guardian Angel ❤



We Are Messengers of Light + Destiny



“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and thick darkness the peoples; but the Lord will arise upon you. And nations shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising…Then you shall see and be RADIANT; your heart shall thrill and exult, because the abundance of the sea shall be turned to you, the wealth of the nations shall come to you.” Isaiah 60:1-5

This is our calling, to be the light of the world.

Darkness shall cover the earth, but the light of God’s spirit within us should shine so brightly that it emanates peace into the most afflicted parts of the world. This is our purpose, our destiny. To radiate his beauty through shining leadership. Our destiny always calls us to leadership.

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your father who is in heaven.” ~Jesus, Matthew 5:15-16



We cannot hide the gift of God’s light within us, we must choose to let it shine brightly for ALL to see. Being your authentic self, serving your neighbor, following your dreams, walking in spiritual community, seeking God with all your heart, mind and soul…this is true leadership. He created each one of us so uniquely, and so beautifully with a divine purpose. Our divine purpose always transforms the lives of others, and brings peace to earth. Our divine purpose feels like a heavenly flame within our hearts. Our divine purpose always guides the hearts of many into oneness with God’s heart. We cannot make a difference in the world if we recognize the light we have within ourselves, then hide it away for our own keeping. The sun was created to radiate its rays, to create light for all to see and feel. We are God’s sunshine, spreading forth amongst the dark places on earth.

We can make a difference by choosing to shine, and choosing to seek our divine destiny.

Once we find it, we should spend our whole lives living it out with our whole heart! Ephesians 5:8 “Walk as children of light.” Jesus’ life was a profound example of how we should live. He was THE messenger of light. Through Him we have light, and we have the power of the spirit to live a life like Jesus. A life spent loving others and glorifying God through our divine destiny. Mother Teresa shares her wisdom…

“To me, contemplation is not to be locked in a dark place, but to allow Jesus to live His passion, His love, His humility in us, praying with us, being with us, and sanctifying through us. Our contemplation is our life. It is not a matter of doing but being. It is the possession of our spirit by the Holy Spirit breathing into us the plentitude of God and sending us forth to the whole creation as His personal message of love.”


“Then shall your light break forth like the dawn, and your healing shall spring up speedily; your righteousness shall go before you, the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard…10: if you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday. And the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desires in scorched places and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail. And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise the foundations of many generations; you shall be called repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to dwell in.” Isaiah 58:8-12

Seek out your divine destiny with a fiery passion, you are here to make a difference in the world! Every second of your search will be an encounter with God. “To realize one’s destiny is a persons only obligation.” -The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho



“…I will make you as a light for the nations, that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.” Isaiah 49:6



Photography by Franki DeSaro






Light Through The Wound


The wounded place within ourselves is a powerful space.  I believe this space of pain holds profound vulnerability, humility and weakness. The kind of weakness that guides us away from ourselves, and into the warmth of God’s loving arms for comfort. Our wounds are so powerfully vulnerable, so very fragile to the touch. It is here in the space of the wound, in our brokenness and despair, that the flesh of our hearts expand open to receive the radiant and healing rays of God’s light and love.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” ~ Rumi

Think back to a time when you had a serious physical wound on your body. It was a vulnerable, exposed place on your body which most likely held a lot of pain for you. It needed to be continually nurtured, bandaged, washed and taken care of because it was open to infection from the outside world. It was literally tender to the touch. However bad it might have been, over time your body continued through its natural function of healing. It may have left a scar, but it is no longer an irritation to your way of life. In the same way a physical wound reveals itself open to the world, an emotional wound reveals itself open to love and healing. What once was closed off, is now open and tender to the touch. The pain of an emotional wound is so intense and vulnerable, anything you experience during this time is of utmost intimacy, each experience goes straight to the depths of your heart. It is in this place, of the open wound within our hearts, that we are vulnerable and open enough to let God’s light shine into our most tender places. His light reveals, shocks, renews, heals and transforms our wounded heart into a heart of gold. New life and love grows within our pain.

God’s wisdom blossoms in and through our suffering, renewing our pain into growth, strength, beauty, insight, and perseverance. It is a simple thought, but a profound thought. Our pain recycles into beauty. God transforms what was meant for harm into the miraculous. It is here in the depths of our suffering, however long the journey of suffering prevails, that His light overwhelms our entire being and transforms us from inside > out.

When we go through struggles, which we will, we have the freedom to make a choice. We can either choose to let our pain defeat us, or we can choose to surrender our pain into the palms of God for his own keeping. The choice of defeat is the easiest, which leads to depths of depression that never fades, but only grows with time or/ gets buried and shows itself up through us or in our relationships in the future. The choice of surrender is profound peace, and rest in knowing that God has the circumstance gathered in his love, and will always, in all ways be here for you. Through surrender your heart expands, your character endures, then grows in great wisdom, and your worries literally transform into acceptance. By surrendering our wounded hearts to God, he guides us each step of the way on our path of life~ our purposed path of destiny.


Choose to surrender your pain. This does not mean you will not experience the journey of suffering, but that His peace and love with transcend your wound into an opportunity for light to burst in and flourish. We grow and learn through our pain, and if you can continue steadfastly through your painful journey while leaning into God’s love, you will come through your path a new creation. New Life. Beauty, boundless light and love. Don’t give up, give into God and let him carry your burdens. He will gently ease you, nurture you like a mother, and guide you continuously.

Take a moment to slow down your breath, taking deep inhales and exhales. Slow down, become present, breathe, and imagine yourself giving your painful experience into his palms, or lying them at his feet. Feel his light embrace you, and comfort you. Continue this over and over again, each day, week, and month. I promise you will heal, you will grow, and you will learn more then you ever imagined. Look at your pain as an opportunity to welcome in the radiance of the sun. Your tender wound, is truly an open space in which God’s love can rush in to guide you and heal you. Let the healing light of his presence into your most vulnerable places. Let go and let God.

Light to Earth Healing


Rivers of Living Waters


“If anyone thirst, let her come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, ‘Out of her heart will flow rivers of living water.’ ” These are the gentle words of Jesus, promising us the holy spirit or as I express and experience him, God’s spirit intimately gifted within us. The breath of our souls, essence of our very being. Jesus poetically shares through the analogy of water, that when we believe in his love for us, and for the world, out of our hearts will flow rivers of living water. This analogy touches my heart because I can easily understand the language of water. Rivers are powerful, subtle, gentle, and beautiful…flowing in and out of one another. Fresh springs, oceans, lakes, ponds and pouring’s of rain bring peace to my mind and body, and continually nurture my well being. Here Jesus says who he is, his essence is the living water of life that dwells within our hearts, and overflows abundantly from one heart to another. If we could gather all the depths of the oceans and lakes that span across the earth, every body of water and all the natural beauty within them- this could not compare to the spirit’s boundless living waters within us. I am left in awe.

Two of my personal/ vulnerable experiences with water this summer come to my heart that I would like to share. Last month I was sitting on the beach watching the sunrise, there wasn’t a soul to be seen on the beach far in the distance from left to right. My prayer that week was learning how to release fear and release the past. I was sitting there trying to experience the feeling of letting go fully, but something was holding me back. God gently whispered in my heart to take off my clothing, and to swim in the ocean. Instantly my mind went into fear, and my heart began to gently race. This is how I knew I needed to do this. So I took all the fabric off of my body, and jumped into the cold ocean. I was shocked into instant exhilaration because of the temperature change, but also the expansion of freedom and release that grew within myself. I freely moved through the waves, swimming in the greatest joy I had experienced in years. The waters were so healing, beyond what I could have ever imagined. I learned my lesson in letting go fully that day, and experienced the release of my fears and my past too.

Three weeks ago I adventured to a beautiful lake, in search of a similar experience I had as a child swimming in fresh water lakes in upstate New York. I arrived with the intention of spending the whole day reading, meditating and possibly kayaking on this beautiful body of water. I found a secret space on a large rock, with a hammock of trees protecting me from the sun, it was so quiet. As I sat down and looked into the silky, calming ripples of the water, I felt a gentle tug in my heart to change into my bikini and go into the water. I fought this feeling for a while, unsure of what was living inside this water and if they could cause me harm. Because I am me, I went around the nearby bend in the woods, changed, and slowly stepped into this unknown body of water. Before I knew it my fully body was immersed into the most healing lake water I had ever experienced. Silky smooth to the touch all over my body, warm, and clear enough where I could see some little fishies that kept ‘kissing’ my feet. I moved freely in the water, without fear of what was beneath me. The sunlight moved through the clouds; glowing onto my body, creating the water into an earthy gold. I felt cleansed, loved and renewed by God and his creation. Psalm 23:2-3 “…He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul.”


My most profound experience of healing waters was five years ago. I found myself riding my bike to an address in Savannah I had never been to. It was a beautiful, 75 degree, blue sky and sunny day. I was riding my bike to my baptism, and I was unsure of how I got myself into this situation but I felt a tender whisper in my heart to go through with this. I was barely in the beginning of my faith journey, yet somehow all I wanted to do was give my life to God, it was a deep yearning, like a fire I couldn’t subside so instead I decided to surrender to it. I arrived, walking through a garden gate covered in vines, then entering an unexpected southern sanctuary with flowers, hammocks, birds and a small in ground pool that looked like a pond with a small waterfall. Peace trickled through my heart and I knew I was meant to be there. Others from church greeted me (I knew nobody), I changed into a baptism shirt, and came back outside ready to be baptized. I stepped into the waters, and stood next to the church pastor as he kindly spoke words of prayer to me. Sunlight was gleaming through the trees above me, I was surrounded by an untouched peace. I surrendered my life to God, filled my heart with belief in Jesus, went under water, and rose above with the spirit in my heart. I was waiting for a magical explosion within me, but instead there was subtle peace.

I was hugged, congratulated, and soon enough I journeyed back home on my bicycle. I will never forget the freedom and lightness of mind, body and spirit I experienced on my bike ride home that day. The sun, and breeze warmed my entire body. I remember coming home to my roommates with a bundle of radiant joy within me proclaiming my baptism. The joy was literally overflowing out of me. This was the most amazing thing  I had ever done, and I wanted everyone to experience this joy with me! Unfortunately my roommates weren’t as thrilled as I was about my baptism, so I went into my room, picked up my journal and climbed out of my window onto the roof. I remember journaling a prayer of gratitude, finishing my writing, then closing my eyes. Deep, deep, peace. Transcendent peace. Renewal, awakening, LIGHT. As Jesus promised in John 7:38, My heart was flowing with rivers of living water, the gift of himself in my heart and soul, the sweet essence of the Holy Spirit. I can truly share that from this day on, I was and am a new creation. Born again of water and spirit. John 3:5

It wasn’t until I truly experienced the living waters of the God’s Love, that I truly experienced life. No experience within creation, in my lifetime, could measure up to the healing, and peace of the Holy Spirit’s abundant flow of waters within me.


John 7:38-39 “If anyone thirst, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.'” Now he said this about the Spirit, whom those who believed in him were to receive.”

Hebrews 10:22 “Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, with our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water.”

Revelation 7:17 “…and he will guide them to springs of living water, and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.”

Beauty in Children


I am blessed to have traveled the world and served children from many cultures. A long time ago, I recognized my passion to guide the younger generation and I never let anything or anyone hold me back from following this passion. Nothing kept me from being a children’s art teacher throughout college, or picking up my backpack and suitcase to serve children in Ghana, Africa for 6 weeks when I was 20 years old. The same goes for teaching art and yoga classes to underprivileged middle school kids in Savannah, GA, or picking up my life and moving to India for 4 months to serve children rescued from trafficking living in orphanages. It’s all been an AMAZING journey, serving kids from all nations and I could share countless stories here of how beautiful each child I connected with was. What overwhelms me the most is the joy and love that remained in the hearts of every kid I connected with throughout my journey. Children who had been through the most traumatizing circumstances, these were the ones with the most JOY and LOVE. Children who were going through abuse on every level- emotional, spiritual, physical- abandonment, poverty, sexual abuse, dis-regard of health and education, alcoholic parents…they were experiencing suffering of all kinds. No matter what these children went through, they somehow faithfully continued to give and receive unconditional love. True unconditional love that stood the test of time and space, love so vast that my words simply put their love to shame.

Experiencing the love of a child has inspired me to fight for the love of a child. I have devoted myself to guiding the younger generation, holistically, spiritually, and morally. Loving and accepting a child, any child for who they are and how they were created is the most powerful act of kindness I show to children. Laughing and playing with them is being a part of their self-learning journey. Growing and listening with them, guiding them with compassion and understanding as they find their way through this world is one of the most important focuses adults can have today.

My greatest desire is to see children embrace their free spirit, connect in an intimate and life-lasting relationship with God, loving themselves & others unconditionally, forgiveness, compassion, connecting with mother earth and seeking knowledge of all kinds! Children should be creating a whole lot of art, traveling the world, spending immense amount of time in nature, getting lost in winding paths, finding insects, digging their toes into the mud, dancing in the ocean, planting vegetable gardens, picking herbs, praying for one another, embracing energy healing, reading poetry, creating music and much more! And as adults, we should be living with them through this exciting adventure of life!
Today, I am simply inspired to share the pure beauty and essence of children as our future world changers. As today’s generation, we can love & accept the children in our lives and throughout the world through moral leadership. Everything we think, say or do reflects onto our children and who they will one day become. Our values shape their values, our love shapes their love, our dreams inspire their dreams…we have the gift of guidance for the younger generation- so let us not take advantage of this sweet and true gift! Let yourself be a mentor for the children closest to you first, then begin to expand your hearts radius to children living in your own community. From here disperse your love into the country, and then continue to spread into other countries. I promise you, your gift of love will be received by every child, of every age, in all parts of this world, unconditionally and joyfully. We have the power to make a difference in the lives of children around the world. If our future generations can hold depths of love, peace, forgiveness and compassion in their hearts for themselves and one another~ imagine the kind of world we could be living in? What we do today, creates tomorrow!

One day, or Day one?


May your endeavors be blessed, transformative and true. Enlightening the eyes and hearts of the world through word and action, from love. Amen!



Strength in Surrender



I snuggle my nose into the gentle petals of these divine white peonies that I picked from my walk, and take deep breathes in…their sweet scent relaxes my whole being. They smell like love. Fear has been a powerful emotion in my heart recently, the scent of the peonies fills my heart with love diminishing all fear. I need more love, more peonies, I can’t stop breathing them in. Presently, I am sitting in the sun, drinking a glass of red wine, its Sunday afternoon. My Bible rest on the table beside me, I am surrounded by the serenity of nature. This is rest, abundant peace. This moments stillness contrast the hectic movement and change in my life recently. The emotional and physical challenge of moving out of my childhood home, while diligently seeking out a new home has been overwhelming at times. Balancing my preparations for my solo painting exhibition in 3 weeks, building Light to Earth Healing~ my new healing business, and emotionally & spiritually healing others and healing myself through L2EH…it’s all been beautiful, but truly challenging. Above all else, my relationships have been the most difficult, yet equally as rewarding. Life is changing all around me, I feel like I am beginning my life all over again. I find myself continually seeking silent time in God’s faithful presence, as the world around me moves in multiple directions.


As life around me continues to unfold, I find it very difficult to accept some of its unfoldings. I fall into prayer daily asking God to grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Through these challenging times, I have chosen to look inward into my heart & soul more often throughout the day.  I have chosen to rest into the intimate space of prayer, which is my loving connection with God. Peace breathes here. Everyday anxious thoughts try to take the place of God’s peace within me, but the more time and devotion I spend in his presence, the anxious thoughts  release. Acceptance and serenity move through me and surround me. As I have spent more time in his presence, I have recognized the true value of daily surrender. Surrendering my daily task and purposes to God, surrendering my mind, heart and body to him, my whole being. I have recognized that the power of letting go of control is my strength. The power of letting go of control is our strength! When I live in Surrender, everything unfolds with ease. Life is purposeful, colorful and beautiful. When I walk in surrender, I release control, washing away every ounce of anxiety. My greatest lesson in life is to surrender because my natural tendency is to control my life. I always try to ‘know’ what is next, who will walk on this journey with me, how life will work together and when things will happen. I’m always trying to figure out the next step, the next chapter. I desire control but…

God’s deepest desire for me is to LET GO. He ask me to  t r u s t  in the process, the journey of his  g u i d a n c e.  He tells me to  s l o w  down, to RELEASE plans, to live, walk, breathe, speak, be in full and whole hearted surrender. To know that all things work together for good, even the circumstances that hurt me the most.

We have our strength in surrender.



When we truly surrender we have unshakeable peace. We have discernment to make wise decisions, to walk wisely on our path. When we truly surrender we know~ no matter what or who comes our way, God’s ways are higher. We connect with his high ways, and gently, gracefully move through heart-aching difficulty. When we truly surrender life opens up with new opportunities and new relationships. We are open to every new experience. We recognize that every moment of life, every human being who crosses our path is a teacher~ a living life lesson to learn & grow from. When we truly surrender, we begin to see and feel all the beauty that surrounds us, and lies within us. A true being who lives in Surrender could have the busiest schedule, with goals & accomplishments of all kinds~ but this person can still stop to genuinely appreciate the scent of a sweet flower. They experience the daily beauty in every moment, they rise with peace & gratitude~ they go to sleep with an abundance of peace & gratitude flowing within their hearts. When we truly surrender we are present, happy and thankful. We endure pain with true acceptance, asking God to grant us the serenity to  a c c e p t  the things we cannot change. We accept even in the hardest of times. When we truly surrender we are content with who we are and where we are. When we truly surrender, every burden is lifted from us. We release every small detail, every dream, every difficult circumstamce, EVERYTHING into the loving care of Gods hands. When we create the space of surrender, his spirit rushes into our hearts and creates boundless, endless peace.

Simply let it all go, release control, and welcome in true surrender.


” I know not what tomorrow will bring;

yet I know it will be different, than whatever I imagine.

I know not who I will meet

or with whom I will journey.

I know not what the day will hold

or what the night will whisper.

Not knowing what lies ahead

excites me and gives me hope…

For I know you are always with me.

I believe…

I have hope…

hope that there will be rainbows, colors, and dreams…

beyond what I could ever imagine.

And with this hope,

I surrender…

to the magic of Life

and to your divine design.


~Prayer of Magical Surrender by Mitra Rahbar





‘Sole Luminoso’ by Franki DeSaro



Sole Luminoso INVITE




Presenting solo painting exhibiton Sole Luminoso by Franki DeSaro. The exhibition will be on view June 10th through August 30th, 2017, with an opening reception Saturday, June 10th 6:00-10:00 pm at Salon Concrete, 123 Broad street, Red Bank, NJ. Artist talk, with exhibition preview and Q&A with artist 6:00 -6:30 pm. The reception is free and open to the public. Live music, dance performance by artist Kristen Mangione, wine and cheese tasting.


DeSaro has exhibited internationally in Provence, FR, Savannah, GA and East Hampton, NY. She is gaining recoginition through her meditative washes of watered down acrylic on raw canvas.  DeSaro talks about her creative process “My intimate connection within prayer is similar to a large field of light, wide and open. Each feeling that arrives is a new field slowly fading into one another- creating what feels like the conversations I share in prayer. My prayer transfers into the visual language of painting through my creative process. With pigment, water and raw canvas, fields of colors slowly fade into one another, creating vast spaces of light. I desire to share pure light, gentle light, and powerful light. Even for just a moment, a flicker of light that I myself experience within the quiet”


Sole Luminoso meaning ‘bright sun’ in italian represents the quiet, vibrant essence of creation. Subtle, still moments are expressed and experienced through the artists’ eyes, ears and touch. DeSaro gently guides the viewer into her personal experiences of prayer and walks in nature through painting, and the atmosphere of nature, music and dance.


www.frankidesaro.com                  fmdesaro@gmail.com               @frankidesaroart


Evening, 2016, 5 by 6 ft. acrylic on raw canvas